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Lowongan Kerja Bank Mandiri is a bank that stands out because of the results of bank restructuring program undertaken by the government of the Republic of Indonesia on October 2, 1998. Not only from the program, right in July 1999, the four state-owned banks merged into one into Bank Mandiri, the Export-Import Bank Indonesia, Indonesia Development Bank, Bank Bumi Daya, and Bank Dagang Negara. Although it was merged into four quite have a role in taking part to contribute to the economy and economic development in Indonesia. Up to now, the bank is always right to continue the tradition that has over 140 years to providing a contribution to the economy and the banking sector in Indonesia.

Not long after they are merging with the above four banks, Bank Mandiri and implement a consolidation process is done as a whole. When the consolidation process, the bank has closed about 194 branch offices, which are located adjacent to each other as well as rationalizing the number of employees that initially numbered about 26,600 and then reduced to about 17,620. Bank Mandiri implement brandnya to the entire network and all advertising activities as well as other promotions. Bank Mandiri Achievement significant technology that is by changing the system as a whole. At that time, Bank Mandiri has inherited around 9 core banking system with a different kind of four predecessor banks that have been merged. Bank Mandiri itself has spent about three years to fund about - about U.S. $ 200 million just to do pengeembangan the program that will replace the previous core banking platform in line with what the standard retail banking at that time.
Here is a detail in March 2013 Jobs Bank Micro Credit Sales offered to you.

Detail Lowongan Kerja Bank Terbaru 2013 Micro Credit Sales Bank Mandiri

Micro Credit Sales

  • Women / Men
  • Maximum age 28 years
  • Educational background minimum D3 from all majors
  • GPA of at least 2.75
  • Fresh Graduate or have experience in corporate finance, banking, particularly in the sales or marketing
  • Having a motorcycle and SIM C
  • Motivation and dedication
  • Placement in the area: Yogyakarta, Navan and surrounding areas

Lamaran Ke Lowongan Kerja Bank Terbaru 2013 Micro Credit Sales Bank Mandiri

If you believe you meet the above requirements for this position,
Please send your complete application to:
PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk
Micro Business Floor Area 2 Yogyakarta - Jl Diponegoro P 107 Yogyakarta

Closing Date: 11 Maret 2013

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